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Use of Technology and Education

Ashley Van Leeuwestyn - Monday, November 23, 2015



The use of technology has become a large part of our everyday lives in modern society; from using our smartphone to set our morning alarm, to online banking, to live streaming of our favourite television shows, we are constantly immersed in these media. Technology has also become an intrinsic part of modern-day education with primary, secondary and tertiary teaching/learning curriculums all containing ICT outcomes which students must demonstrate as part of their schooling.


ICT as a learning tool

One of the most important concepts governing ICT in education is for students to treat the computer/ technology as a tool for everyday life; ICT skills learnt in primary school will be built on in secondary school, and then again in tertiary studies/workplace.

ICT is also an excellent platform to accommodate various learning abilities, as well as a range of learning styles (for example, visual learners versus logical learners).

Some learning tools which can be utilised include:

-               Online tutorials

-               Simulations

-               Graphic organisers

-               Spreadsheets

-               Interactive learning games


How can a Student Tutor help?

-               STN tutors can provide assistance to students using technology for learning, as well as providing guidance to enhance the student’s use of these tools

-               STN tutors can implement a range of ICT tools into tutoring sessions, these may include:

  • Interactive games on a tablet to engage students in learning
  • Graphic organisers to assist students organise their ideas
  • Online animations/videos to better explain concepts
  • Etc.



Information verification

As anyone can publish on the internet, verification of content is a critical skill for high school and university students, and includes decoding URLs, as well as triangulating information.

How can a Student Tutor help?
- STN tutors can help students with online research skills, referencing, and the appropriate use of content
- STN tutors tailor their instruction to the student’s specific discipline, especially at tertiary level



Not many people are aware that computer technology was initially developed for military use. It is only in recent times that this technology was made available for private and commercial use by adults, and subsequently adolescents and children.

While technology is a useful platform for education, it also comes with risks including cyberbullying, inappropriate content, digital citizenship issues, and unauthorised access.
Some general safety tips:

  • Use filters for young children using the computer (this blocks access to any sites not permitted by you)
  • Keep computers in an open area where you can supervise their use
  • Encourage open communication about online behaviour


How can a Student Tutor help?
- STN tutors can help encourage responsible technology use at all levels of education


Tips to enhance learning using ICT

-               Get creative! Use graphic organisers for revision and to organise thoughts ahead of an assignment

-               Use online games to help engage primary students in their learning

-               Search for visual animations for difficult concepts such as photosynthesis

-               Avoid using ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ for school work. Instead, implement thorough research skills and use your own words to answer the question

-               Encourage your child to stay off their smartphone during school time and homework time

-               Try to focus on one task at a time when using ICT, having multiple browser windows open and several tasks ‘on-the-go’ can decrease focus and productivity


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