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Ashley Van Leeuwestyn

Proprietor of the Student Tutor Network

Subjects: My areas of expertise lie within the sciences, particularly human sciences such as Biology, Physiology and Anatomy, as well as a real love of Chemistry in particular, Biochemistry.

My name is Ashley Van Leeuwestyn and I'm 25 years old. I formed the Student Tutor Network in early 2013 to not only assist other students in connecting tutors with clients but also as a new adventure into business, in which I had never ventured into before. I currently a possess a Bachelor of Biomedical Science from the University of Newcastle. In 2015, I was lucky enough to accept an offer into the Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Newcastle and will be graduating in 2019. My passion lies within the sciences and education. While becoming a conventional teacher wasn't something I was interested in, I went in the direction of private one-on-one forms of education and found a real passion for it.

Kate McMahon 

Subjects: K – 6 literacy, 7 – 12:   Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science), Geography, Legal Studies, English (Advanced) & Studies of Religion. University: Science (Biology & Natural Sciences), Geography, Law, Education

Hi! I’m Kate – I’m currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Teaching), having previously completed a Bachelor of Science (Biological Science).  My education has always been very multi-disciplined, combing my Science studies with units in Law and Humanities.

Studying a diverse range of subjects at high school and university has allowed me to develop a variety of teaching and learning skills which I believe can assist students of all levels in reaching their educational goals.

Adam Watts 

Subjects: Business Studies, Physics, Information Processes and Technology and General Mathematics.

Hi, my name is Adam. After completing my Higher School Certificate at Lisarow High School in 2013 with distinctions in the majority of my subjects, I now undertake a double degree of Commerce and Science, majoring in Finance and Physics at Macquarie University. Helping students to achieve their desired educational goals is something I enjoy with great sentiment. 

I am always intrinsically motivated to assist, and aspire to do so whenever possible; Learning invaluable information on a variety of different subjects and areas on the way. Tutoring is something in which I can effectively employ my adapting and growing skill-set into practice which I believe can assist not just myself, but students of all academic levels in discovering their potential and reaching their goals. 


Cassidy Gallagher 

Subjects: Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics, Extension 2 Mathematics, Biology, PDHPE  

Hi! My name is Cassidy and I have just completed my HSC at Gosford High School in 2013. I am really interested in both Maths and Biology, so I have just begun a double degree of Engineering (Mechanical) with Science majoring in Biology at Macquarie University. With Biology, I am hoping to go into the study of diseases and immunobiology, whilst also completing my engineering units with the hope of one day being a Biomedical Engineer. Throughout year 12 I worked incredibly hard to achieve an ATAR of 95.30, however I do know what it was like to struggle through a subject I had absolutely no confidence in, and the frustration it caused, as I have never been an English person. Because of this I am willing to help others overcome their own struggles with the areas I can provide help and advice in, so everyone can achieve the educational goals they pursue! 

Jessika Holgate

Subjects: K-12 English, Advanced English, K-10 Maths, PDHPE, Legal studies, Studies of religion and Dance.

Hi, my name is Jessika and I recently graduated from MacKillop College in 2014 with an ATAR of 95.25, four band six honour listings, as well as two callback nominations into the exemplary HSC Dance major works showcase. Having also won the Vice Chancellors Scholarship for Academic excellence, I am now studying Bachelor of Laws (honours) combined with a Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle.

I approach my studies with a can do attitude, something I believe of prime importance as I encourage my students to do the same, allowing them to maximise their potential. Having been a recent HSC student, not only am I able to assist students with my knowledge of the NSW K-12 syllabus, I am also well aware of it.

he many stresses encountered by students and am thus able to make the students experience at school as enjoyable and stress free as possible by giving them helpful advice on study techniques, how to organise their time effectively and by helping them break difficult workloads into manageable segments.

As a tutor, I take pride in seeing each individual student reach their personal goals and aspirations, something I look forward to helping you with!

Dylan Crawford

Subjects: All levels of English, Drama, Maths and Modern History 

Hi, I’m Dylan Crawford and I am highly enthusiastic about education. I finished my HSC in 2014 at Erina High School and am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Humanities) (Honours) at The University of Newcastle. I am doing a double major in Drama and English as they are my strongest fields of knowledge as well as ones that I enjoy immensely. I am currently furthering my skills in Drama with the Mad Cow Theatre Company.

Additionally I also have skills in Modern History and Maths from my time in the HSC and interest in the subjects themselves.

Throughout my time in high school I participated in several extra activities through the school such as the Model United Nations Assembly in 2014, the Tournament of the Minds in various years and the Max Potential leadership program in 2013.

I am an enthusiastic and approachable person that has an interest in not only helping people to further their skills in their education but also to get them interested in it as well.

Jaclyn Wheate

Subjects: K-6 English, Maths and History. Yrs 7-10 English, Maths, Religion and History. Yrs 11-12 English, Ancient and Modern History, and Studies of Religion I. 

Hi! My name is Jaclyn Wheate and I am a 19 year old university student currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Humanities)(Honours) at the University of Newcastle. I am passionate about teaching and learning, and I would love to encourage all students to achieve their best in their education and enjoy their learning experiences. 
I can assist students with essays, studying techniques, their assignments, understanding the overall content of their subjects and any other extra assistance students may require. My passion, dedication and motivation for education will be evident as I assist students to achieve their best results.

Tabitha Slough

Subjects: K-year 6 literacy and numeracy, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Geography, Community and Family Studies, Society and Culture, Studies of Religion, University

 Undergraduates: Bachelor of Arts and Social Science.

 Hi, my name is Tabitha and I have completed a Bachelor of Social Science degree at the University of Newcastle.  In previous work positions, I have been a notetaker for students with disabilities at TAFE and I have worked with primary school students, volunteering my time at Gosford Public School.  The HSC subjects I tutor feature content that I studied at University so I am well equipped in the humanities and Social Science subjects.  I also completed these subjects at High School.  I have a genuine love of education and learning.  I like to merge education with my interest in welfare and community services, leaning me towards a passion for students with challenging behaviours.  I like to accommodate for all students, being flexible and knowledgeable in their subjects of interest.


Jack Scullin-Brown

SubjectsPrimary, all 7-10 (plus commerce & music), General maths, Mathematics (up to Ext 2 level), English (Adv), Chemistry, Biology, Studies of Religion 1

My name is Jack Scullin-Brown. I finished year 12 in 2015 achieving an ATAR in the high 90s. I studied advanced english, 4 units of math, chemistry, biology and 1 unit studies of religion. I then enrolled at UTS starting both medicinal chemistry and medical science before settling on a degree in analytics.  I have tutored many students at all levels of confidence and ability and feel I can offer a keen insight into how to deal with the academic and career- related stresses involved with high school.

Elise Boland

SubjectsPrimary, all 7-10, Advanced English, Mathematics, Music, Society & Culture, Chemistry, CAFS

Hi my name is Elise. I’m currently in my third year studying a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design at the University of Technology, Sydney and completed my HSC at Erina High School in 2013. I have been teaching music and piano since 2011 and have worked at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music, tutored high school mathematics and worked as a teacher’s aide in the public school system where I often worked with small groups of students or one-on-one to improve literacy and numeracy skills.Through my diverse studying and work experience, I have found that every student has an individual way of learning and have developed a variety of skills that will enable me to assist students in reaching their goals. I aim to cater to each individual and strive to make learning fun and engaging by creating a positive environment that will support achievement and ensure growth.

Tegan Rankine

Subjects: Primary literacy, Standard English, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Extension 2 English, Ancient History, Visual Arts (mainly theory) 

My Name is Tegan, and I studied at Terrigal High school, completing my higher school certificate in 2014. I am now studying a bachelor of humanities/education at Newcastle University. I have taught kindergarten and love working with students of all ages however I am specifically studying to teach secondary students. Due to my course I am learning diverse teaching strategies and hope I can encourage learning for all age groups, ethnicities and academic levels through incorporating a wide variety of techniques to help student development. I have a strong passion for teaching and strong beliefs surrounding the education system however believe the focus should always be on the students individual development and personal achievement, I hope to provide the means of assisting the goal of students achieving their own personal best.

Leon Frank-Rath

Subjects: K-12 English (incl. Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2), Modern History, Extension History, Legal Studies, and Studies of Religion.

My name is Leon, I am 18 years old and currently beginning my first year of a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney. I completed my HSC at Green Point Christian College in 2015 with very satisfying results and a world of knowledge and experience across my various subjects. I have a true passion for the subjects I tutor and this passion is what drives me to pass on my knowledge to any student who wants to gain a better grasp on the material, improve his or her results, or extend their existing ability further. I believe that everybody has a unique style of learning and I will strive to create a relaxed and positive environment tailored to the individual; one that not only encourages learning, but also fosters development in critical thinking, effective communication of ideas, and holistic understanding, all of which are essential to success in school and beyond. Having been a leader in the Scouting and Peer Support movements, I have taught all kinds of people and am of the firm resolve that regardless of what difficulties you may have, everybody possesses to potential to reach and exceed their goals with the right support and the right approach to learning. I look forward to being an approachable tutor and mentor, and equipping you to not only survive but thrive in your studies.

Melinda Selby-Smith

Subjects: K-12 English (including Advanced English), Visual Arts and Science, Studies of Religion 1 & 2, Biology, Senior Science, as well as Primary Mathematics and Literacy.

Hi! My name is Melinda, I’m 19 years old. Tutoring and mentoring students is something I am very passionate about, in order to help them maximise their potential and opportunities. In 2014 I graduated Mackillop College with an excellent ATAR and a Band 6 honour listing. I am now currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Newcastle. Throughout my senior years at high school I worked very hard to achieve my academic goals. I now wish to channel my commitment and enthusiasm to helping other students with their studies. Having been a recent high school student I understand not only the syllabi, but also the struggle and determination it takes to excel. I am dedicated to ensuring that students experience a stress-free and enjoyable education. Due to my own studies, I have explored and developed many study techniques which I can tailor to suit individual student’s learning mechanisms, in order to maintain a positive approach to learning. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Francis Doherty-Bigara

Subjects: All subjects years 5-12 and university level for most subjects in Commerce, Arts and Humanities.

 Hi, I am Francis. I take a personalised individual approach to my students’ needs. I have lectured at University level for 9 years and tutored individuals and groups with good results. I have a Bachelors of Management with Honours in Finance, Economics and Business Strategy and a Masters of Quality. I am currently studying a research PhD in Drama with a focus on Cultural Economics and International Theatre. With this experience on my side I go beyond classroom content, meet my students at their point of interest and help them to understand the material, problem solve, develop analytical skills and become confident, independent learners. Young or old, we all face similar learning challengers. I reside in Gosford with my beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters aged 6 and 8. I look forward to helping you or your child to overcome and excel. I am happy to tutor anywhere on the Central Coast between Hawkesbury River and north Tuggerah Lake. See you soon …

Jeremy Childs

Subjects: Year 7-12 Maths (Advanced Maths), Business, Sciences (7-10) and Physics. 

Hello! My name is Jeremy and I recently completed my HSC at Green Point Christian College in 2016. As a recent graduate, I have a firm understanding of the 7-10, Prelim, and HSC syllabuses. Starting in 2017, I will be doing an ‘Advanced Science (Honours)’ degree at UNSW. I have a real passion for Maths and Science, as well as skills in Business Studies, and strongly believe in the value of education, for both myself and others in these areas.  As a former ‘Cadet Sergeant’ in the Australian Air Force Cadets, I was able to grow in my understanding of the value and importance of education and youth development, with over a year and a half of teaching experience, and four full weeks of leadership and ‘Instructional Technique’ training. As a result, I was able to develop my own teaching abilities, by teaching Cadets from the ages of 13- 19, in both large, and small classes.   I hope to see you soon! 

Bonnie Ryan

Subjects: all primary subjects, High school English, History, Geography, Religion, as well as year 11 and 12 Society and culture, PDHPE, Community and Family Studies, Studies of religipn both 1 and two units, Modern History and English.  

Hi, I'm Bonnie! I recently completed my HSC in 2016 at MacKillop Catholic College Warnervale and received an ATAR of 93.55. I also obtained three honour roll listings for Society and Culture, CAFS and PDHPE as well as placing in the state for Community and Family Studies. This year I will be continuing my education at The University of Newcastle.As I have recently completed year 12, I used a variety of techniques for each of my subjects to grasp a clear understanding of what was being taught in the classroom, but also how to best display this knowledge in exams and assessments. Therefore I know first-hand that everyone learns in a different way and I hope to help students find a style of learning, revision and exam preparation which best suits their individual needs and goals at all levels.I have a passion for leaning and I want to use my skillset and experience to share this with other students to help them reach their full potential and make their studies more enjoyable.

Bridget Dell

Subjects:  All subjects K-8, Standard English and Mathematics

My name is Bridget, I am in my final years of University, completing a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) as well as Secondary Mathematics. I have a background in Early childhood having completed my Diploma in Children’s’ Services and working in the industry for 5+ years.I have experienced various classroom environments, completed courses and attained certificates in Behavior Management, Additional needs support, Indigenous Education, Effective teaching strategies and Inclusive teaching strategies.I love working with children and young adults, helping them not only set but achieve goals as well as watching them succeed and reach their full potential.

Matthew Losurdo

Subjects: Primary subjects, Mathematics (Ext 1)

Hi my name is Matthew, I attended Green Point Christian College and graduated in 2011. I went on to study electrical engineering at UNSW. During high school I was interested in both engineering and teaching. Firstly I like maths, science and design which pushed me toward engineering yet at the same time I really I enjoy teaching and helped out at a youth group.While I was doing work experience I realised electrical engineering wasn’t for me and decided to study teaching. I still had to finish my work experience so I found another company who specialised in intelligent graphics displays. Overall I spent a year there, initially interning and then going on to do work as an electrical technician.At the start of 2017 I began studying a Master’s of Primary teaching and am enjoying it thoroughly.  Personally I have a gentle and patient nature, and I thought this would be best suited to primary teaching.I believe my degree in electrical engineering has given me a strong foundation in maths and science, and how to apply it. As a tutor I can offer students a deep knowledge of these subjects and their uses. Additionally my current studies in teaching can also help students learn effectively.My personal interests include: Drawing, music, languages such as French and German, most sports including soccer, running, swimming and surfing, and reading including authors such as Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Matthew Reilly and Terry Pratchett.

Jessica Robinson

Subjects: Primary literacy, English (including Advanced & Extension), PDHPE, Health subjects, Spanish, Legal Studies, IELTS, Society & Culture

 Hi there. My name is Jessica and I am incredibly passionate about enabling students of all ages to learn and grow to their full potential. As Albert Einstein once said, “…education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” I believe every person has the potential to learn to use his or her mind for greatness. School and university are pivotal steps in our lives, and with the right quality support and encouragement, everyone can succeed and follow their dreams. As a Masters student, I have been in the education system a long time, and understand the benefits of having the one on one attention, reassurance and inspiration you can only gain from tutoring. Graduating in the top of my year in high school, having completed a Bachelor of International Studies, a certificate in teaching English as a second language, and currently studying a Master of Occupational Therapy, I believe I have a lot to offer to students from a variety of education levels and disciplines.

Nick Fuentes

Subjects: Years 7-12 English, General Maths, Business/Commerce

Hi, my name is Nick Fuentes and I am one of the tutors for the Central Coast region. My life is and always has been a dance between between the physical and the mental. I see them as interlinked, which is why I decided to open an independent gym by the name of LookHappy Training in March 2017. I am one semester off completing my Bachelor of Arts (Writing Major) / Laws degree at Macquarie University, which is an exciting prospect given that i’ve been there for 6 years (i’m waiting for my hairs to start greying). I’ve always been interested in teaching, whether it was tennis coaching during my junior years, tutoring HSC students, or coaching clients daily in the gym (prior to opening LookHappy Training  I coached out of CrossFit Chatswood for nearly 6 years). I find it highly rewarding to take someone from A to B, where during the journey they uncover hidden layers in themselves they didn’t know existed. If I am not either coaching or training for the sport of CrossFit, I enjoy reading anything on psychology, philosophy or literature, as well as getting beaten by my fiancee in Mario Kart or strolling around the beach. 

Montana Rumore

Subjects: K-10: Maths, 11-12: Biology, Business and Legal studies

Hi! My name is Montana and I recently graduated from Lakes Grammar, where I was the school caption. Upon completing my HSC, I was awarded two honour roll listings for Legal Studies and Business Studies, whilst before sitting my final exams, I accepted an early offer into a double law degree at Macquarie University where I now study. Throughout my years of schooling, I have enjoyed helping others with concepts and speaking through problems, as I believe this is one of the best ways to learn. Through completing my HSC only last year and acquiring my entry into Law, I believe I have a sound knowledge on both the content and requirements of current students. Additionally, the organisational and studying tips I used throughout high school and into my Tertiary studies, will be beneficial not only in one subject, but hopefully the students entire schooling experience.

Julia Weber

SubjectsPrimary: all subjects, 7-10: all subjects, 11-12: Modern History, Chemistry, Physics, English (advanced), Mathematics and Studies of Religion
Julia Weber, 20, is in her second year at the University of Newcastle studying a Bachelor of Commerce & Business. She completed her schooling at Loreto Normanhurst in Sydney and Snowy Mountains Grammar School on full scholarship in year 11 & 12 where she was academic captain. She has a passion for helping young people, evidenced through her book ‘ILY: One Teen Girl’s Guide for a Bully-proof Adolescence’ published at age 14. Since publishing the book, she has devoted herself to improving the lives of young people, which has led her to join the Student Tutor Network in the hopes of helping students achieve their academic dreams. Julia finished her HSC in 2014, studying mathematics, English advanced, chemistry, physics and modern history. University has seen her develop skills in accounting, management and writing. Situated on the NSW Central Coast, Julia looks forward to supporting kids all over the coast with their pursuits, whether it be passing a difficult subject or striving for that A+. Her specialties are writing (all styles), maths and science.

Sally Harris

Subjects : k-6: All subjects, 7 & 8: Mathematics and Science, 7- 12 English, English Advanced and Modern History.

Hi there, my name is Sally and I am currently studying Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) (Honours)/Bachelor of Humanities at the University of Newcastle, with a Major in English, Minor in Modern History and Elective in Fine Art. I generally see myself pursuing the area of Child Development and Education as a life goal; aiming to continue Teaching with a Bachelor of Psychology to eventually become a school counsellor.

I have a positive, enthusiastic and creative personality, which I feel that I bring to my tutoring and teaching approach. I believe that creating a fun and interesting learning environment is necessary to encourage and motivate my students’ learning and engagement.

I believe that a holistic and open-minded approach towards learning is essential. I feel that I bring a sense of fluency towards my tutoring approach which can be adapted across multiple learning styles, stages and subject areas; to bring out the hidden potential in every unique learner. 

Kayla Christensen

Subjects7-10: English, HSIE, Maths; 11-12: English (Standard to Extension 1), Studies of Religion, Legal studies and PDHPE

Hi I'm Kayla! I completed the HSC in 2016 and am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University. I completed the HSC with an ATAR of 98.8 receiving College Dux , all round honour listings and 1st in the Diocese for Studies of Religion and Legal Studies, while also achieving 10th and 16th in the State respectively. My secondary schooling has given me an appreciation for the importance of education and I believe my extensive knowledge and understanding of the secondary syllabuses, and continuing discovery of effective methods of learning has enabled me to help my students excel in their studies. I have a genuine love for teaching as I enjoy seeing my students thrive and become more confident in their abilities, improving academically and achieving academic goals, while also gaining more confidence and less stress as they approach the end of their schooling!

Chelsea Phipps 

SubjectsYear 12 Advanced English, Japanese Continuers, Society and Culture, Studies of Religion and Modern History.

Hi, My name is Chelsea and I completed my HSC at the Entrance High School receiving Band 5 in all subjects. I am now in my second year of uni at Macquarie completing a Bachelor of Media, and studying Japanese at an advanced level. I have experience in essay writing, personal interest project (PIP) and studying Japanese by distance education. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed all of these subjects and their content and love teaching about them. I am able to share tips and techniques I use to study and utilise my knowledge so the others  can be successful in their HSC studies. I am able to work and relate well with others, and can communicate clearly and easily.

Alex Turner 

SubjectsPrimary Maths;Primary English;Year 7-10 English;Year 7-10 Maths;Year 11-12 Standard English;Year 11-12 General Maths;Year 11-12 Advanced Maths;Year 11-12 Extension Maths;Year 11-12 Physics;Year 11-12 Business Studies

I am a university student studying a Bachelor of Science and business at UNSW. My major is physics, which is certainly difficult but intriguing nonetheless. I chose this based on my time at Gosford High School, where I enjoyed learning physics, chemistry and a little bit of math. I’ve balanced this with business which I also studied in high school.  My interests stretch far beyond science however. I’ve spent plenty of hours throughout my life playing numerous sports, currently soccer but I’ve tried cricket, tennis, sailing and everything in-between. I also surf year round and spend many summer days at the beach. I try to travel and holiday as much as my bank account allows. I’ve recently returned from a summer eating and beach going through Italy, France and Spain. I enjoy road tripping up and down the Australian coast, or heading inland towards the snow. I find tutoring rewarding; it continues my learning and helps renew fundamental skills and knowledge required for my studies and throughout life. Furthermore I enjoy teaching and helping others, and see tutoring as a great way to work doing something I enjoy.

Madeline Hogan

SubjectsPrimary Maths, Primary English, Primary Science, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Maths, Year 7-10 Science/HSIE, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Year 11-12 General Maths, Year 11-12 Chemistry & Year 11-12 Ancient History

Hi! My name is Madeline, and I’m 22 years old. I attended Gosford High School, studying Mathematics, English Advanced, Chemistry, French Beginners and German Continuers for my HSC, and have been studying primary education for the past four years at the University of Technology, Sydney. Throughout all my years at school, I was often surrounded by supportive, caring, and engaging teachers, and it was them that fuelled my passion for education. Because of this, not only have I been studying education at university, but I have also worked as a private tutor since 2014, working with students from six to sixteen on a range of topics in maths, English, science, geography, and history, as well as providing homework help and preparation support for NAPLAN.

I consider myself to be a compassionate person, so I always focus on building a good rapport with the students I tutor, making sure that they feel understood and valued, and, when appropriate, encourage them to help direct our learning experiences based on their personal interests, and strengths and areas to improve based on self-reflection. Through this, I hope that I can support academic and personal growth, and instil a love of learning.

I look forward to working with you.

Gina Crowe

SubjectsK-6 in any subject and Year 7-10 English, Maths, Science and Religion. Year 11-12 Biology and Studies of religion 1. 

I’ve just finished the HSC in 2017 and study a bachelor of nursing at the university of newcastle hoping to transfer into medicine at some point. During school my favourite subject was biology because I loved the course content and I had amazing teachers. When I’m not studying I’m usually hanging out with friends, playing sports or chilling at home.

I believe the reason I did pretty well in school was because of my teachers and their ability to understand where I was at in my learning and cater to it and I can bring that to the kids I tutor. 

I’m a super motivated young person and would love to reflect that onto someone else.

Lisa Anlezark 

SubjectsPrimary Maths, Primary English, Year 7-10 English & Year 7-10 Math

My name is Lisa Anlezark. I grew up on the Central Coast but I have spent most of my adult years in the country.I have recently returned to the coast and the ocean,which I love.I have 3 beautiful adult children who all work in creative/artistic fields.

I have worked in the area of Special Education,as a teacher, for most of my time in the country.This has involved working in Primary Schools,Special Schools,Early Childhood Intervention and as a tutor for primary and high school students.I also enjoy working as a yoga teacher for children and teaching them breathing techniques to help them self-regulate.I am currently studying Autism Studies at Griffith University.

I have particularly enjoyed tutoring,in the past, as it has involved observing my students grow in confidence and fulfil their potential.

I look forward to meeting and working with my future students and their families.

Jordan Kolarik

SubjectsPrimary Maths, Primary English, Primary Science, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Science/HSIE, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced English & Year 11-12 Drama

My name is Jordan, I am 24 years old, and I am a tutor with the Student Tutor Network. I am currently entering my 4th and final year at the University of Newcastle, studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching (Humanities), with the intention to become an English and Drama teacher. I enjoy serving the community through volunteering as an NSW Rural Fire Service firefighter, as well as being a registered Justice of the Peace. I am continually seeking new ways to better myself, and my community. I have many years experience in K-6 through working as a Coordinator and Educational Leader of several Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care programs; this involves planning curriculum and learning experiences, based on developmental levels and appropriate learning frameworks. I have a passion for providing equitable education for all and aim to assist every child, student, and learner, reach their best at all times. After winning a scholarship with the DEC, I will be teaching in a rural/remote high school when I finish my degree. I am excited about this, as I genuinely believe I can help all students reach their highest potential.

Lindsay Mitchell 

Subjects: All levels of Mathematics (Primary to Extension Maths), Physics & Year 7-10 Science

Hi, my name is Lindsay Mitchell and I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science at Macquarie University majoring in Mathematics and Philosophy, with a minor in Physics. I am extremely passionate about understanding the underlying concepts in anything, but in particular the mathematical sciences. I believe anyone can learn to appreciate and enjoy anything in life if they are taught to understand the why. I hope to impart my passion into students as some of my teachers have done for me.

Having only finished the HSC in 2014 and still studying today, I have a strong appreciation for how difficult life can be while at school. I am looking forward to equipping you with the skills to truly grow, both academically and otherwise.

Emma Aleksandroff 

Subjects: All Year 7-10 Subjects, Year 11-12 Standard & Advanced English, Society and Culture, Ancient History and Visual Arts 

Hi, My name is Emma Aleksandroff and I am an enthusiastic, hardworking tutor who strives to create an environment for learning that encourages and motivates your child to reach their potential. I graduated with an ATAR of 86.7, I am currently studying to become a Secondary Teacher in History & Society and Culture at the University of Newcastle, and I enjoy providing tutoring services to students who flourish with one on one assistance. 

I am happy to provide my services within the home, a public library or my own residence if that is necessary. Your child’s goals, confidence and interest in achieving their personal best is my main concern. My clients would describe my attitude as kind, caring, patient and organised. My tutoring sessions are constructed to be diverse, fun and focused on appealing to a child's strengths to build confidence, whilst building their skills to improve their areas of struggle. I take into account the important role parents and teachers play in their child's learning experiences, so maintaining healthy interactions between the two for the benefit of the child is prioritised. 

If you choose my services, I cannot wait to work with you and your child.

Ashleigh D'Arcy 

Subjects: Year 7-10 Maths, Year 7-10 Science, Biology, Art, Advanced Maths, Advanced English, Ext 1 English and Ext 2 English 

My name is Ashleigh D’Arcy and I currently live on the Central Coast, NSW. In 2015 I graduated year 12 from Dungog high School, in the hunter valley. Whilst in my senior year I studied Biology, Art, Advanced Maths, Advanced English, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2. I also completed a TAFE qualification in peer Literacy and Tutoring, as I helped the Year 7 students transfer into High School smoothly. Once I completed my HSC I went on to study my Certificate IV in Professional Editing and writing, completing that in August 2017. 

Beginning of this year I moved out of home and to the coast to start studying Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Newcastle.

I have always wanted to go into some form of teaching or tutoring as my main goal in life and my career is to help people and watch them grow. The happiness of an individual achieving what they never thought they could is the greatest thing to witness in my opinion, and I hope to develop a friendly atmosphere, as I would like the students to also been seen as equals and not view me as the superiority.